Monday, 21 January 2008

Street Photography (quick tip)

Did you know that in the old days of using film and a rangefinder, street photographers used to set the lens to a set distance (10 feet for example).

Then when there subject got in range i.e. 10 feet they would click the shutter. sharp and in focus (well almost)

So how do you do that on the G9...

Quite easy; pick a spot where the subject will be the same distance, half press the shutter button and let the auto focus 'lock on' Press the MF (manual focus) button while half pressing the shutter down, the focus is now locked to that distance.

Every time you press the shutter half way down you will see the distance scale with the focus set.

To undo: press the MF button again

(note: this dose not work in the full Auto setting

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